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The Road Taken (2019) for clarinet in Bb, cello, and piano

ca. 5'00"

The Road Taken was inspired by the poem "The Road Not Taken" written by Robert Frost. At times we find ourselves in the middle of an intersection, not knowing which way to go. Wondering what the other paths are like, we continue with the one we have chosen. This path brings us sunshine and rainstorms, joys and hardships, comforts and dangers. We worry that perhaps a better decision could have been made at the intersection. Then one night as we sit under the stars, we think of everything we have experienced along this path. We never know what would have happened if we had chosen the other path, but we are still grateful that everything and everyone we have encountered along the way has made us the person we have become.

This piece was awarded the David Gwilt Composition Prize in April 2019.

Eunice Yung, clarinet in Bb; Jackie Choi, cello, Janice Tsui, piano

29 May, 2019

Lee Hysan Concert Hall, Hong Kong

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